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Here in P7b at Killermont we are very busy finalising our stories for today's deadline. Below you can see us all in our classroom which has been a very busy newsroom.


P7b's Newsroom


Filming in Progress


Rangers FC

As the boys in our Glasgow are very interested in football and in particular the recent difficulties at Glasgow Rangers, Karam has prepared the following report.


Ibrox facade 


Glasgow Rangers Football Club has huge money problems and has recently taken in to administration. Administration means gone into debt. One option to save money is involves 8 players leaving and others players having their wages cut by 75 per cent, also another option is all players getting just a quarter of their pay. This doesn’t mean the end of the club or to the matches, although players, bosses and fans do have a very uncertain future.
Rangers have had to have a ten point reduction in the league. The administrators in charge of Rangers say they’re looking to speed up the sale of the club. They fear that the sever cost cutting that’s been put in place would send off interested parties. Ranger’s administrators Duff and Phelps had hoped that some talks with the players, their agents, manager Ally McCoist and the players’ union PFA Scotland about the needed pay cuts. By doing this the club could save £4.5million. David Whitehouse, the joint administrator said on Ranger’s official website “The club is in a perilous financial situation and that should not be under-estimated.”He also said “Regrettably we have been unable to agree about cost-cutting measures with the playing staff on terms that will preserve value in the business. We understand the players’ position, as the scale of wages cuts required to achieve these saving without job losses were very substantial indeed.”     
Earlier on Wednesday 7th 2012 the club’s second biggest shareholder, David King said he feared that Rangers wouldn’t come out of administration and that it would be inevitable that the club would go bust. He said “It grieves me to state that it seems inevitable that the footballing institution will survive but the company won’t.” The future of Rangers' football club is unknown and Rangers' fans wait anxiously.
by Karam

Sports Relief

At Killermont Primary School, we will be taking part in Sports Relief on 23rd March 2012. Gavin has prepared a detailed report explaining what it is all about.


Sainsburys are holding Sport Relief Miles around the UK on the 23rd, 24th and the 25th of March. Thousands of people around the UK will be taking part.
There are seventeen flagship locations such as Leeds, Milton Keynes, Hull, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Nottingham, Belfast, Plymouth, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Glasgow, Southampton, Norwich, Newcastle, Gateshead, Manchester, and Cardiff will be holding the main Miles, however there will be hundreds of other miles up and down the country.
At the seventeen flagship miles there will be celebrities and entertainment. The tickets cost £6 for an adult, £3 for a child or £15 for a family of four. If you enter by 6am on the 19th March, you could win tickets to see Saracens vs. Quins at Wembley on 31st of March. You can choose to do one, three or even six miles.
The founders of Sport Relief have launched an app on smart phones and androids called “Sport Relief in your pocket”. The app has been launched on iTunes and the Android Market. Sweat bands are also being sold for £1.50 in shops and schools (like here at Killermont Primary School).
All these fundraisers are to raise money for children in the UK and poorer countries around the world. Some of the money will go to Africa to give them basic living essentials like access to clean water by building pumps in their towns or water cleansers so they don’t have to drink dirty water that could give them diseases and possibly kill them.
by Gavin

Japan One Year On

Last year's P7 class reported on the Japanese earthquake and this year P7 was curious to find out what had happened after a year had passed. You can read what Hannah and Sophie have discovered as follows:

  Japan One Year Anniversary

Last year Primary 7 at Killermont also reported on this story. A year later we are finding out about how the country is recovering and what they did for the anniversary. Japan is marking the first anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster which struck the north-eastern coast. The magnitude of the quake was 9.0, Japan’s most powerful since records began. The quake triggered a serious nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiich nuclear plant. The earthquake and tsunami left 20,000 dead or missing. A 12.5 mile exclusion zone was put around the plant making tens of thousands of people homeless. Thousands of people were evacuated as the nuclear plant leaked.
There were memorial services and a minutes silence at the moment the quake hit, 2.46 local time. Prime Minister Noda said they would rebuild Japan “as an even better place”. Warning sirens were sounded across the country and everyone said prayers and remembered all the victims of the terrible disasters.
According to the National Police Agency of Japan 300,000 buildings were destroyed and a further one million damaged. Almost 4,000 roads, 78 bridges and 29 railways were also affected.
Rebuilding Japan
A year after the nuclear, earthquake and tsunami disaster, how is the recovery process going?
The recovery is very slow and the country is still struggling to clear up and rebuild the destroyed buildings. This horrible 9.0 magnitude earthquake that triggered off a tsunami has cost lives, injuries and a lot of people are missing. There are 15,853 people who died, 6,023 were injured and 3,282 are missing. More than 330,000 are still living in temporary accommodation.
Environment Minister Goshi Hosono said the ministry’s original goal of completing disposal by the end of March 2014 was unrealistic and urged other parts of the country to help out. Yet, while most of the rubble and waste has been cleared, there remain long stretches of empty coastline where rebuilding has yet to take place. In fact debate still continues on whether some residential areas should be moved inland and to higher ground.
Last year, the cabinet office of Japan estimated it cost the country 16.9 trillion yen (£133bn).
But the country’s national and local authorities believe the reconstruction will actually cost more than 23 trillion yen (£181bn) over a decade.
“This is going to take a monumental effort from the government and it is going to take years”
by Hannah and Sophie

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Cara has been finding out how we will be celebrating this historic event. You can read her report here:

 Buckingham Palace

The Queens Diamond Jubilee Tour started on the 8th of March in Leicester. For the next 5 months the Queen and Prince Phillip will be travelling around the United Kingdom. Many other members of the royal family will be visiting the commonwealth countries overseas on behalf of the Queen. The reason for the tour is because Queen Elizabeth has reigned as queen since 1952 (60 years).
She is going to come to Scotland on the 2nd until the 6th of July. She will be visiting Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire and Perth. £75,000 is going to be made available for the funding of events to celebrate the Jubilee in Dumfries and Galloway and the Borders. There is also going to be lots of events throughout the country such as a concert at Buckingham Palace, The Thames River Pageant and lots of street parties up and down the country.
There is going to be a bank holiday which is the 5th of June for England and Wales but the holiday for Scotland maybe different. A 10 year old girl designed the winning emblem for the Queen’s Jubilee and it features on many different items such as tea towels and mugs. The Royal Yacht Britannia’s Royal Barge in Edinburgh is going to be at the front of the Thames River Pageant.
After the Queen visits Scotland she will be visiting Northern England. Then it will be nearing the end of the tour and she will go to South East England. She will then end her tour in St Paul’s Cathedral in London.
by Cara

Killings in Afghanistan


Will He Ever Be Forgiven?


An American soldier opened fire on villagers in Southern Afghanistan. People are astonished that so many people died and 5 were wounded including a 15 year old boy named Rafiullah who was shot in the leg and spoke to the president by phone.
        According to President Hamid Karzai (President of Afghanistan) was furious and demanded an explanation from Washington. A White House spokesman said that Barack Obama phoned Hamid Karzia to personally express his regret. On Sunday Josh Earnest (the Whitehouse spokesman) said in a statement that “we are deeply concerned by the initial reports of this incident and are monitoring the situation closely.  
       People proved that the bodies had been burned by showing badly burned blankets and it was reported that more than 300 people came out to protest the senseless violence. Residents in Alkozai village also demanded that  Hamid Karzai should punish the soldier or hand him over to the villagers.
An AP photo showed the bloodstained corner of a house next to a large black area that was burned from a fire. Villagers were packed inside a minibus, they looked on as a woman spoke to a news reporter. She pulled back a blanket to show the body of a smaller child wearing red pyjamas. A third dead child lay in a pile of green blankets.
Local people have reportedly gathered near the base in Panjwai district to protest about Sunday's killings, and the US embassy is advising against travel to the area.
He is reported to have walked off his base at around 03:00 local time (22:30 GMT Saturday) and headed to nearby villages. When the search party found him he was in a prone position on the ground. When they approached him they asked him about the shooting and he said “I did it”.    
by Georgia

The Solar Storm

For News Reort day Ciara and her group have been finding out all about the recent Solar Storm activity.

This Solar Storm was caused by two flares coming from the Sun. Flares are caused by a large explosion in the Suns atmosphere. There are other Solar Storms as well, such as Coronal Mass Ejection a massive burst of solar wind, sometimes associated with solar flares and a Geomagnetic Storm which is the interaction of the Sun's outburst with Earth's magnetic field.
Two solar flares have been spotted bursting from the sun and are looking like they are heading to earth. NASA said that it would be the largest space weather storm in five years and that the flares were travelling at 4 million mph. It would affect utility grids, planes, satellite networks especially in Northern areas.
Solar flares are becoming a regular event because the sun is reaching its annual eleven year cycle of activity. In late 2013 the solar activity will die down for another eleven years when the sun reaches it peak of activity.
Luckily the storm has missed the earth and there have been no reports on any major damage or problems and only a few planes had to change their routes. In places like Canada and Northern Europe saw amazing displays of the northern lights. On Friday the 9th of March at 3:24pm people in the UK would have been able to see them. The Northern lights can’t usually be seen from the UK however if it was a clear sky you would have probably been able to watch them.
There are still warnings that the earths magnetic field could still be shaken and that if there was another flare or storm it might hit the earth. Since the sun is reaching its eleven year cycle we might have more events like this coming our way. Joe Kunches (the chief of space weather operations) said that “It’s not a terribly strong event; It’s a very interesting event.”
by Ciara

The Allander Leisure Centre

Last night Amber and I went to a meeting about the Allander. At the meeting we handed out a survey to find out what people thought about the possible closer of the Allander. From our results we have found out that 100% said that they would like the Allander to stay open but with refurbishment. About 90% thought that the new houses would not be that popular. Most people thought that children should have a say in the possible closure of the Allander.


There were many people there from the council. When we went we took some notes and found out that they are not planning to demolish the existing Allander until a new one is built. They are telling some people that the Allander could lose some clubs the one that we discussed a lot about was the indoor bolls club would maybe be announced as a privet club so they may not be allowed to continue the bolls club in the possible upcoming Allander.   
By Hannah and Amber   

   The Olympic Torch Relay

Morven and jamie have been finding out how we can see the forthcoming Olympic Torch Relay.

Olympic Torch Relay
The Olympic torch relay has always been a big part of the Olympics and this year is no different. The torch will be lit in Greece using the sun in May then it will be flown over to the UK. It will be lit with the light of the sun using mirrors. It will start in Cornwall then it’ll work its way up the UK.
On the 8th of June 2012 the Olympic torch is going to go though Scotland. It starts in Stranraer and ends in Edinburgh for the celebration.
It will travel by cable car and zip wire but the main thing is that the torch will be coming though Bearsden in Glasgow. It will be in Bearsden on the 9th June. After it has gone though Bearsden, it will go through Clydebank and on to the rest of Scotland and the UK.
The designers of the route say they want to get the torch within 10 miles of everyone in the UK. The torch will be traveling round the UK for 70 days and 8,000 people will be carrying the torch in the relay. It will spend 7 days going round Scotland.
By Jamie and Morven

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