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21st March 2013-School Report Day

Below you will find a series of reports written by this year's School Reporters from P7b at Killermont Primary. Our podcasts can be accessed by clicking the link on the left.

By scrolling down to the very bottom of the page, there are also links to take you to a .pdf of each news item. You can also leave comments for our reporters at the bottom of the page.


P7b Reporters

P7b Reporters being photographed

todays weather report

Lisa and the weather

Malawi Report

Saairah and Katie reporting on Malawi

Saairah and Katie reporting on Malawi.

You can read Jack M's full Interview with Lisa Luhanga at the bottom of the page.

Falkland Islands Report

Jess and Rahul on the Falklands

Jess and Rahul reporting on the Falkland Islands issue.

Earth Hour Report

Looks like it's been a hard day for our Earth Hour reporters?

Looks like it has been a hard day for our Earth Hour reporters?

Closing Shops Report

Sad about UK shops closing

Amy and Jack do look worried about the state of the UK High Street!

UK Health Report

Our Health Reporters

Stasia, Elias and Emma are concerned about the state of UK health.

Commonwealth Games Report

Scotland World Cup Qualifier-Report

Report on Allander Leisure Centre

Allander Leisure Reporting team




BBC School News Report interview with Mr Angus Cameron

On the 27th of November Primary 7b had the opportunity to ask an Olympic Official, Mr Cameron some questions. Everyone was very eager and enthusiastic to ask questions but only a handful of pupils were selected. 
Mr Cameron, who had previously visited Killermont on Friday 23rd November, had been a race starter at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. He had been invited to the school by Miss Smith our Head Teacher as he was a neighbour of another member of staff.
Mr Cameron with Mrs Graham and Miss Smith
Mr Cameron brought us some souvenirs from the games. They were all very interesting but our favourite was an inspirational letter written especially for Killermont Primary by Mo Farah himself. You can see the letter below.
Letter from Mo Farah
Participator Medal
Village Life
Mr Cameron described the experience as “a dream come true”. He talked about his experiences as a child and mentioned that his ambition had been to become a footballer and an athlete. Having met many of the classes role models we were interested to find out who Mr Cameron’s role model was. He told us that he found all the Olympic and Paralympic athletes inspirational but his own personal childhood role model was Vladmir Kutz who was a Russian sprinter in the late fifties.
Aaron with Mr Cameron's cap
Olympic blanket
Stasia with medal
Emma and Jack M
Mr Cameron answering questions
Mr Cameron explained that his favourite moment during the Olympics was watching Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah win their gold medals. He felt overwhelmed with emotion and was proud to be British.   He also talked about his experience in the Olympic stadium. Mr Cameron described the massive stadium which held 80,000 fans as very exciting with a wall of sound which followed the athletes round the stadium. Mr Cameron told us that he felt terrified by the noise and volume of the crowd but felt reassured by the support and encouragement from the other Olympic officials. He also commented on the high level of good sportsmanship among many of the athletes.
Primary 7B thoroughly enjoyed Mr Cameron’s visit and look forward to seeing him again. He is a good role model for our school and we hope that he will inspire us to follow our dreams. 
You can listen to the interview carried out by Lisa and Jack D by clicking on the link to the left.
P7b School Reporters

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