BBC News School Report 2013-14

27th March 2014-BBC News School Report Day

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Click on the links on the left of this page to access P7b's written reports and podcast reports for BBC News School Report Day 2014. Our video report is now available by clicking on the link below.


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Clyde’s Visit

On Tuesday 4th February 2014, Killermont Primary School had a special visit from Clyde the Commonwealth Games Mascot because we had been very busy learning about the Commonwealth Games. Out of all the schools in Scotland, 24 out of 2,056 were chosen, and Killermont was lucky enough to be one of them.

Not only that, we were the first school in East Dunbartonshire to get a unique “Game On” Scotland plaque! As we were sitting in the Assembly Hall with music on and a slideshow of the Commonwealth Games, a friendly man named Fraser arrived into the hall and introduced himself to Killermont. He was a very friendly man but that wasn’t who we were looking for!

Fraser first showed us a short film of how Clyde was born and all of the Commonwealth countries that were taking part, to get us in the mood. Finally, Fraser told Killermont to shout as loud as we could on Clyde so he could hear us!

Clyde skips in

Thankfully Clyde heard us and skipped in with his cheery grin and his sports cloths on. Firstly he told us some facts about the Commonwealth Games such as they are 17 sports in the Commonwealth Games and there were 70 countries taking part.

Clyde sits with KPS pupils

Did you know that the top of the Queen’s baton was made out of titanium? It is the strongest metal known to man and also has the Queen’s secret message in it and nobody (apart from the Queen) knows what the message is. Fraser then questioned us on all the facts he had told us throughout Clyde’s visit. Sadly it was time for Clyde and Fraser to leave.

Clyde with pupils and the Game On plaque

Killermont primary was very lucky to get this visit and we will never forget this extraordinary day. We learnt a lot more about the Commonwealth Games and learnt about it whilst we were all having fun.

P7b Reporters: Niamh, Rhiannon, Carla, Andrew C and Hamish  


15.11.13 Children in Need Day

At Killermont Primary School we are raising money for Children in Need all over the UK by dressing up for a “Crazy Day”. We raise money for children that have special needs that need resources, treatment and special care. We are hoping to raise over £400. 

P7b dressed up crazy

Over the past two years we have raised round about £750 altogether and hope to raise more this year. It is important to Killermont that we help children that deserve a happy childhood like ours.
All the pupil council have been busy organising activities such as crazy dances and putting our loose change on Pudsey.
Money on Pudsey
For crazy day you could go to school with odd socks, crazy hair or anything out of the ordinary. As well as the children in need of our help we are also enjoying our “Crazy Day” at Killermont Primary School.  
We hope all our money gets used wisely to help children that need our help.
By Niamh, Andrew and Christopher
P7b BBC News School Reporters
You can listen to Euan, Amber and Andrew C from the Pupil Council being interviewed by Sam, Inaya and Kiel by clicking on the link on the left.


Asma and Rory interview Mark Beaumont

P7b's reporting year has started off with a bang. Two of our pupils were lucky enough to go to the BBC's Glasgow studios to meet and interview Mark Beaumont about his forthcomimg travels following the Queen's Baton Relay around the Commonwealth countries. You can read their report and see some photos below.

Click on the following links to watch Asma and Rory in action.

On Saturday 5th October 2013 we were lucky enough to interview Mark Beaumont at BBC Scotland before he goes on his long journey around the Commonwealth countries, following the Queen’s Baton Relay. When we arrived we received our visitor badges which were later replaced by our School Report lanyards instead. We met the producer, Donald who helped us to prepare for our interview. Mark arrived with his wife and his daughter and then we were shown what to do. We received cue cards which had our questions on them.
Before we started filming we met the cameraman James. To achieve the effect of having multiple cameras we had to repeat our questions a few times with the camera at different positions. At some points we acted like we were listening to Mark when we were actually just listening to Donald and acting as if we were interested. After that we rehearsed and improved our intro to the interview. Once we had perfected the intro we did the same with the ending sequence. We both had to use our drama skills and once we even had to pretend we were chatting!
After a lot of hard work we finally finished the interview. Thankfully, all our hard work paid off as we had a sneak peek and were allowed on the set of a new CBBC show called “The Dog Ate My Homework!” Oddly Donald’s wife was the producer of the show! We had a brilliant time at the BBC and can’t wait to see the interview on the BBC website.
We asked Mark about the design of the baton. The handle was Elm wood and the top was titanium latticing with the Queen’s special message inside. We also asked him what he thought about the benefits for Scotland will be for hosting the Commonwealth games. He said that it is a great thing and the world’s eyes will be on Scotland and it is our chance to show the world our story and what Scotland is really like. Mark also showed us the map that the BBC will use to keep track of him in his travels. This Saturday Mark will be in Delhi, India.
Since it has been announced that the 2014 Commonwealth games will be held in Glasgow, we have noticed a lot of changes. Such as the Hydro, of course, lots more advertising, the Emirates arena and the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome. In fact, one of us has actually cycled round the Velodrome (Rory) and he found it to be extremely scary!
We are both really excited about the Commonwealth Games and one of us (Rory) has even been lucky enough to get tickets to watch the Men’s 100m Final. Rory really hopes that Usain Bolt will be there but it is unknown. We are both looking forward to hearing the Queen’s special message inside the baton. It is amazing that the Commonwealth games will be held in Glasgow and we can’t wait.
By Asma and Rory
Asma+Rory arrive at the BBC
Asma amd Rory arrive at the BBC
Asma+Rory with Donald
Asma and Rory practise with Donald
Asam and Rory high 5
Asma and Rory give each other a high 5.
Asam and Rory with Mark
Asma and Rory with Mark
Mark shows Asma and Rory the map of his travels
Mark shows Asma and Rory the map of his travels

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This will be the fourth year in a row that P7 pupils from Killermont Primary School will have taken part in the BBC News School Report which is a national event for pupils aged 11-16. There will be a number of Practice News Day (a chance to rehearse!) which we will try to take part in as follows:

Friday 15th November 2013
Thursday 12th December 2013
Thursday 23rd January 2014
Tuesday 11th February 2014

However please do come back to this page on 27th March 2014 to see the reports produced by this year's P7b School Reporters.
Meanwhile, have a look at the news this school has produced in previous years below by accessing the links below: