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 Killermont P7 Burns' Supper


The P7 Burns Supper is a big Scottish event all about Robert Burns. At Killermont we are preparing for our Burns Supper by making shields about ourselves and learning all our songs e.g. we are singing four songs altogether. The boy are singing two songs and so are the girls. There is a top table with speeches. We are reciting three different Burns’ poems. We are also doing a play based on Tam O’Shanter. Tam O’shanter is a long poem that Robert Burns wrote which involves the Tam and his three friends, Tam’s wife, the landlady, witches & warlocks and some dancers. The Burns Supper is something that Killermont Primary School does every year and our mums and dads come to watch. We hope it goes well on the night which is only two weeks away on 2nd February 2012.  
By Amber             

You can use the links on the left of the page to access the podcasts and listen to our budding stars being interviewed about their forthcoming roles in the Burns Supper. Here is a photo of Morven interviewing Robbie.


Morven interviews Robbie

P7 working on their shields


Costa Concordia Disaster

On Friday 13th January 2012 the 4,200 people on board the Costa Concordia were shocked when the hull of their ship hit a rock late on Friday night.
The 52 year old Captain Francesco Schettino has worked for the company for 11 years. After the ship crashed it is alleged that he escaped without helping the passengers on board his ship. He may face charges of manslaughter as 11 people are dead and 24 missing. It has also been reported that he did not complete the safety checks before he left the dock and that he refused to go back on the ship when coastguard Mr De Falco asked him to do so. He replied that it was too dark and difficult to see but afterwards in court he said he couldn’t get in because the ship was lying on its side.
Divers have been putting explosives on the ship so that they could get into bits of the ship that they couldn’t access before to look for more survivors. 
You can listen to Alistair and Fraser interviewing Mrs Dunipace and Mrs Morse about how they are feeling about going on more cruises this summer by clicking on the link on the left.
By Cara and Craig

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II`s Biography  


The Queen was born on the 21st of April 1926 in London. She was the first child of two and her parents were called Albert Duke of York and Lady Elizabeth Bowes. Elizabeth and her younger sister Margret were home educated. Her father became George VI and she became heir in 1936
She became Queen at the age of 25 in 1952. Her Coronation took place on 2nd June 1953.
She celebrated her Silver Jubilee in 1977.
By Greg and Caley
The Diamond Jubilee Events
As part of the celebrations, the Queen will be visiting Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Other Royal Family members will be travelling throughout the United Kingdom. The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge will visit Malaysia, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu. Throughout the United Kingdom everyone will have a day off to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The Diamond Jubilee will be celebrated on 4thJune.
By Gail and Andrew
Queens Diamond Jubilee Yacht
It has been revealed that David Cameron has agreed to consider a plan put forward by the Daily Mail to buy the Queen a royal flagship for her diamond jubilee with the money coming mostly from private sources.
The flagship will cost £80 million and will be raised by donations all over the UK. £10 million ($16 million) has been pledged by Canada because of the Commonwealth. The backers of the project are to launch an appeal for funds. Labour MP Kate Hoey and Tory Defence Minister Gerald Howarth agree it is a good idea. According to the man behind the campaigning, it is to replace the historic royal yacht Britannia. This boat will be 157 metres long and will include accommodation for the monarch in the ships stern.
By Gavin and Helen

Scottish Independence

 The Scottish Government are holding an independence referendum in autumn 2014. Alex Salmond wants to have it in then because it is the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn where Scotland fought against the English for Independence.  He also thinks that because we beat them then we can beat them again. He thinks this might make more Scottish people vote for Independence. This would mean Scotland would not be part of Britain.
The Scottish National Party are the people who want Scottish independence. This is giving Scottish people the chance to decide their future as a country.
2014 will be a big year for Scotland because we are hosting the Ryder cup and also the Commonwealth Games.
By Ciara